Organic farm in Tuscany

Orgiaglia, Etruscan name meaning “Land of barley”, is the farm that our family has been working on since 1986.


It is an estate of 100 hectares that we have decided to keep uncontaminated as it has always been: no intensive cultivation, nor chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but absolute respect for the land harmonizing the activity with the balances of nature, so for several years the territory is certified AIAB Italian Association of Organic Agriculture.

There is a short supply chain from the olive tree to the oil: from the olive grove to the cold mill to our table.


The hives give us uncontaminated honey


Sunflowers, wheat, spelt, barley, alfalfa sown organically and wood acorns feed the animals we breed wild: wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer and pheasants, so their meat Franco cooking is healthier and tastier.


There are meadows, pastures and tall trees that give us fragrant wood for the fireplace of the kitchen.
There are our friends horses, chickens, pigs, the dog and our sweet cats.


A particularly happy microclimate, the altitude around 300 meters and the breeze from the sea favor the dry and sunny climate.

Certified organic extra virgin olive oil

Certified organic extra virgin olive oil

From the 3000 olive trees directly in the mill of the company we obtain our organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, with intense color and harmonious fruity flavor.


It is a multi-flower honey variety that has not undergone any heat treatment or added sugar or preservatives, so it retains its properties and natural integrity.
Cosmetics line

Cosmetics line

The Paradise of Tuscany natural cosmetic line produced by Orgiaglia is based on certified organic extra virgin olive oil and rich in a selection of the most effective ingredients for the care and beauty of the body… all produced 100% in Tuscany.

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